My Blog Community

These are the blogs in my life.  I read them for many different reasons but the main ones are for community and inspiration.  Some of these people I know in real life and some I only know through blogging.  Some don't even know I exist or read their blog but thanks blogging community,  I love you.  If you want to join my community then let's chat.  They are in no particular order except buttons at the top so let me know if you have a button.


Brian, Jessica, The boy Edmond and Prince Charles

The Carter's

Jake's Mag

Just for the Record

Lucy Land

Mary Pat

Mushbelly Blog

Nessa Dee

Out and About

Rainbows and Unicorns...and all things whimsical

Reagan's Blob aka Hairdresser on Fire

Robot Nursery and SPOL Adventure Club

The Ware Abouts

The Pioneer Woman

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