What is this blog?

Shitsky pronounced: shit-skee
Shitsky is shit with the edge taken off.
How to use shitsky in a sentence:
Your friend: I just dropped my cell phone and it busted.
You: Ahhh, shitsky.

You know those blogs out there that are all spiritual and warm and beautifully built with perfect pictures that are romantic and well lit with words and sentences that slather the pages like butter that melts your heart and touches your soul and inspires you to hug your kids and dress better?

Those blogs also give you a pang of jealousy while reading them because your marriage isn't as romantic, your kids aren't as perfect, your house isn't perfectly decorated and your dinner parties aren't as vintage, etc.
My point?

Well, this is not one of those blogs.

But I can say that this blog will make you feel better about yourself because you will read it and think, my life is better than hers, I write better than she does, I take better pictures, and I have a way cuter house than she does. Oh, and it is not hard to dress better than me so feel good readers, this is the blog for you!

My goals for this blog are to be authentic, vulnerable and connect with people.
Enjoy and learn from my mistakes.

p.s. I may be going through a cynical stage.


I started blogging in April of 2008.  My first blog was called Tammy's Bird Brain and I even went to a .com but found I was not as computer savvy as I thought so went back to blogspot.  I then changed my blog name to Shum Blog (due to my last name) and went by Shum Girl.  That did not last long because I moved away from my home and separated from my husband and felt like I wanted a new blog since Shum Blog was often centered around our little family farm that I wasn't apart of anymore.

Now I am at Nonsensical Shitsky because sometimes I feel like that's what blogging is anyways.

Things I have learned from blogging:
It's no fun if you aren't honest.
The community is great.

My blogging tips:
Don't blog for anyone else but you.
Don't post just post to post, post because you want to.
Be honest.
Don't be too serious.
Don't try so hard, just have fun.
Post often (this is hard for me right now)
Don't blog to try to be famous.

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