Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fun days!

My mom took my girls for 2 nights so I took work off today and am off to do things I normally can't do.
Basically movies.
I hope you have a fun day too.

Here is another fun day I had a while ago.
We made pill hats.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Eva.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Scarlett is frustrated.

Scarlett is so frustrated lately with her position in life.
She is trying so hard to crawl and she is so close and she cries out in frustration when she just can't get it right.  
Plus it is a lot of work to try to crawl and she gets tired.

Scarlett also would rather eat food like the rest of us rather than drink her silly bottle or nurse.  
Everything just seems way more exciting then what Scarlett can do.

She wants to run around with her sister and 
play with her cousins and she hates being left out.
It is sad to see her little lower lip curl under 
when she gets her feelings hurt.

And I say, welcome to the club Scarlett, 
we are all frustrated with our position in life.  
Right now you want to be big 
but when you get big you will want to be little again.
You've got to enjoy what you have when you have it.

I am going to try to teach my girls this but 
I think this is something that is learned not taught.

Oh how I love this girl!
I love your position in life right now, Scarlett!
Don't get big!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I don't like hindsight.

This is me in my junior year of high school in my dress for the Sweethearts dance.
(My mom designed and made the dress.  It is red velvet and the white part is layers of lace.  
I loved it and still do.)

You know how when you think back to high school and with the amazing hindsight that you now have and you regret all the wasted time you spent on boys and trying to be cool and boys?

That's how I think it is going to be when we die.  We are going to look back on our lives and actually understand how short and precious our life was and realize how much time we wasted on so many silly, stupid things.

When I think about this future feeling it terrifies me because if feeling it now with all my stupidity and not knowing anything about what comes after this life or the purpose of life imagine how we will feel once we can understand what this life was all about and comprehend how we squandered our time with clothes, TV, trying to be cool, boys, etc.  Just the imagined feeling of regret makes me sick.

Hope that made sense to you.

Have a good day!  Try not to squander it!

Fun things to do in Salt Lake.

We went on a candy factory tour at Sweets candies.
It was fun.
Here are some bad camera pictures for your enjoyment.

We all had to wear hairnets to go on the tour.

Even Scarlett had to wear one except hers was a beard cover.
Isn't she so cute!

And Eva kept wearing hers for a while after.

And then I bought $24 worth of candy.
They sell the mistakes, need I say more?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have a yield.

I parted my zucchini leaves the other day and found this beautiful surprise.
You can't tell from the picture but it is about 18 inches long.
I am looking for surprises in my garden everyday and the zucchini seemed to suddenly appear.
And those tomatoes are the lovers.
I ate them up and I loverd them.

Scarlett and Eva enjoyed the zucchini as well although Scarlett gave me the "What in the hell are you putting in my mouth?" face.  I will have to try to get a picture of that face.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Grey colored glasses.

I have grey colored glasses on.  
It is not that enjoyable to see the world through grey colored glasses but I can't get them off.  I think they will be with me for a while.
What I am afraid of is the cynicism that comes with them and the lack of faith in...well everything.

I had a friend tell me that to be a good runner I have to learn how to love pain.  It is very true but I also think that it applies to life.
So here is a quote from me for all you people who put quotes on your blogs you can try this one:

"To be good at life, to be happy, to be joyful, to be content, you must learn to love pain."

p.s. Alicia, did I use that semicolon right or should I have just used a period?  I need to know for the millions of people who are going to use my quote.

post edit:  I took out the semi.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

She resembles a girl I know.

 I went outside looking for Eva the other day but I found this little girl instead.

This happened because she was playing in the dirt and kept having to move the hair out of her face.
I am trying not to think of all the chicken poop and cat pee that is likely in the dirt.

I asked her to smile so I could get her picture and she leaned against the tree and posed for me.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What I am trying to tell myself today.

What I am trying to tell myself today is:

Everyone has their own path and journey through this life.

Not everyone needs to learn what I am learning, have learned or will learn.

Not everyone will make the same mistakes as I will even if they make the same decisions.

Just because I think I know better doesn't mean I am actually better...or that I actually know better.

To comfort myself I should not think, "Ya, they'll learn and their world will come crashing down and then I will be able to tell them "Told ya" in my mind."

Today I went to a wedding and instead of enjoying myself I didn't enjoy myself.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I review my new Puma Faas 300 running shoes.

Here is an interview I gave about my new running shoes:

Q:  What color are your new shoes?
A:  They are sea foam blue, white and grey with a hint of lime green.

Q:  What do you like best about your new Puma Faas 300 running shoes?
A:  They are really light weight and don't look like the normal nerdy running shoe.

Q:  What do they feel like when you run in them?
A:  It is like wearing a really, really light weight running shoe.

Q:  What do you like second best about your new shoes?
A:  I like that they have a minimal lift.  Some running shoes can have up to an inch and a half lift and I prefer not to run in heels.

Q:  You sound like you are really knowledgeable on the topic.
A:  Well, I'm not.

Q:  Where do you get your knowledge about running shoes?
A:  From running in them and reading about them.

Q:  How many miles have you actually ran in these shoes?
A:  5 miles

Q:  So you really can't recommend these shoes for a marathon yet?
A:  Nope.

Q:  So after your training and actually running the marathon you could absolutely hate these shoes:
A:  Yes.

Q:  Good luck with that.
A:  Maybe we should do this again after my marathon.

I felt that by the end of the interview the interviewer got a little sassy with me and didn't really mean it when she wished me luck.

Here is where you can find more info about my new shoes.  They come in some really fun colors and each store I have found carry a different array of colors so you can get the one that suits you best.  I picked mine because they were the sale colors.  But who doesn't like sea foam?

Look forward to my next interview about being a running mom.  Should be a good one.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My gardening project with photos for your enjoyment.

I garden.
I am a gardener.

Last year I attempted a garden.
It was an extremely pathetic attempt and I gave up half way through the summer and decided that since it was my first try I could fail at it.

This year I enlisted some help of a garden veteran and did much better.
My father-in-law helped me and even custom built me a drip system which is the best thing on earth and in my opinion is the only way to have a successful garden, mind you this is my only successful garden.

I love my garden and I even love weeding it.  It is like a little meditation space for me.

My garden has good energy.

So far I have not come across any grasshoppers.
I am deathly afraid of grasshoppers and I am not kidding.
I will have a hard time entering my garden if I know even one grasshopper is in there.

I took some pictures to show you and since they were a little boring I thought I would artify them a little and play around with my photo editing software for some fun and learning.

Here is my Ahmashzing (it's how you pronounce amazing when you have too much spit in your mouth) photography art:


The Lovers.  
I think this one is my favorite because it looks like they are whispering sweet nothings to each other and the leaf is keeping us from hearing them.

My carrots are struggling but I hear from my veteran carrots can grow through the winter if I cover them with leaves.  And I have plenty of leaves.

And here is how the naked eye sees my garden. 

My favorite thing so far is the lettuce.  I pick it and it grows right back.  I have had some great salads.  
I also love the cilantro but Eva thinks it is a weed but I always catch her picking it way too late.  The positive about it is when I snuggle her at night I smell cilantro.  Mmmmmmm.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How does this happen?

This is what my kitchen looks like right now.
My dishwasher doesn't work so I have to wash everything by hand.
I don't think I can do it.  
I think I will stay away for a while.
I have no clean bowls or spoons left.
How does it get messy so fast?
I think it has been about 2 days.

Monday, August 15, 2011

"I miss my babies."

3 of my mom's babies and some guy.
This is 1979 and I am the screaming child in the front.  
My baby sister is not born yet.  

My mom taught me a great lesson without even realizing she taught it to me.
All through my life I can remember my mom saying, "I miss my babies!"
She had four kids all each less than two years apart and she would have had more if she could have.

(Here is a picture of me and my siblings.  It's not really of my mom's "babies" but it is the only one I have of just us together at a young age.  I especially wanted to add this because check out my capris with tights and red jelly shoes.  My older sister is sporting that look too and may I say it is quite a look.  I do not remember this at all!  Was this an in thing or was I a trend setter?  Were we in the middle of a Shakespeare play?  I don't know.  But that haircut sure was a good one.  I must really pour everything I can into my Shakespearean roles.  I will have to find a picture where you can really see how good it looks.)

Anyways back to my mom.  I have asked her often if it was hard and why she had us all so close together.  I have never once heard her complain about it.  She always speaks about those times so fondly.  She absolutely loved it.  The way she talks about it it makes me feel a bit guilty we grew up on her.

The thing I have taken from this is to enjoy my time with my little kids.  When both my kids are screaming and crying I always think to myself, "One day I will miss this.  One day I will wish I had screaming kids in my house rather than none."  And I usually smile and the screaming isn't so bad.

I have found that motherhood is a series of goodbyes.  Every new stage Eva or Scarlett enter I have to say goodbye to the person they were before and I miss them terribly.  I miss them as new born babies, I miss Eva crawling up to my legs and pulling on my pants (so excited for Scarlett to do this!), I miss when Eva learned to walk and didn't want any help.  I hate that they grow so fast yet so subtly that I don't realize they have grown until I turn around and Eva is saying full sentences and Scarlett is holding her own bottle and putting it in and out of her mouth.

The only thing I hate about motherhood is that it has to end.
I know that it doesn't "technically" end but it does sort of end and your kids have to leave you and like people better then you and think your are uncool and embarrassing.

Right now Eva will snuggle me and say, "I love you so much." and my heart melts and I blink away tears and try to memorize the sound of her voice.

These are my girls today.  I am trying to remember these sweet little girls just as they are now because they will be gone soon.

This is what I saw first thing this morning.  
I made her stay right there so I could get her picture.  I love those brown eyes. 

This is Scarlett in the sling ready to go water plants with me.  
I was surprised and happy how well this picture turned out.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am grateful for my normal.

I posted a link to this blog the other day.  If you checked it out you may have found out that sweet little baby Ruby passed away.  If anyone who reads this lives near Rancho Santa Margarita or Lake Forest, CA you are invited to show your support for Ruby's family.
Ruby was born a few weeks after Scarlett in December.
A post that Ruby's mom wrote about just wanting a normal day really helped me.
The past two days I have just stayed at home with my girls and cleaned and watched movies and watered my plants.  Her post made me realize how wonderful normal days are.  Often times we are counting the days until some day in the future and we forget to enjoy each day that we have and each moment in each day.  I think something I will work on my whole life is to be present in every moment I live and be grateful for it.
These last couple days have been really nice.
Scarlett has been working on crawling and she is so close.  I think by next week she will have it down.
Eva loves to sing and can almost sing the whole Ariel song.  I will have to post it.

Apparently I have no pictures of my girls together because these were all I could find.  I will have to remedy that.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hard lesson day.

A few weeks ago my mom was cleaning out her storage room and gave me a box full of treasures she thought I would like.  Some of the things were old clothes from when I was little, a brick from the theater where the premiere for Gone With the Wind was held (it burned down), a pin cushion that her mom made with pins in it that have been untouched since she died, flour sack towels embroidered by my grandma or great grandma etc, etc.

Some of the things that Eva loved were a Scarlett O'Hara Madame Alexander doll, a porcelain Snow White, a porcelain little girl with a pretty dress on, and a very old porcelain Mickey Mouse.

Today I finally unpacked the box.  I decided that I wasn't going to just let these things sit in a box and that I would use the dresses and towels and enjoy them.  I threw the towels and clothes into the wash and proceeded to find a place to display the special treasures.

Eva saw these things again and got very excited and wanted to play with them.  I explained how they were glass and very special and that she must be very gentle with them.
I watched her with them and she was so cute and very careful and gently put them all on her froggy book and talked to them and told the girls how pretty they were.

Here is the pretty little girl.  You lift her up and you can store little treasures beneath her.
She was my grammy's.

A little while later I asked Eva if she wanted to water the flowers with me.  She said yes and we went outside.  As I started to water she informed me she would be right back.  It was a gorgeous day and Scarlett and I were enjoying the sunshine and then I heard Eva crying from the side of the house.  I walked around to find her and this is what I found...

...and Eva had huge tears running down her cheeks.  She kept wailing,"Fix her dress, Momma, fix her dress."
Poor little Snow White.  I gave Eva a hug and explained that I couldn't fix it, that Snow White was glass and that she was broken.  This is when I realized that though I explained that Snow White was glass Eva didn't know what that meant.  Well, now she does.  I was very relieved it wasn't the pretty little girl because it is more precious.

I consoled Eva for a little bit and we went inside to lay down and watch a movie.  She wanted to hold Pretty Little Girl.  I explained again that she needed to be very careful.  She sat for a while watching the movie so I quickly went outside to pick some lettuce.  All of a sudden I heard Eva crying again.  I sprinted toward her thinking,"Crap, Pretty Little Girl is broken".  Eva was walking all over looking for me holding Pretty Little Girl with one hand.  At any moment the base could just slip and she would be broken too.  I got to her just in time.  Obviously, Eva did not learn but seriously neither did I.  What was I thinking??  It would have been my fault if Pretty Little Girl had been broken.

So all calms down and I go to look in the wash and I have dyed all my precious embroidered, flour sack towels pink.  

Friday, August 12, 2011

These boots were made for walking...

...in poo.

Every girl needs some poo boots.
Even if they are all dressed up with the name Hunter name on them they are still good ol' poo boots.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Please read this it is important.

Please check out this blog and help this family if you can.  Even if all you can do is pray for them.  
And while you are at it follow the link to register yourself as a donor.  It is important.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To get close you must talk about poo.

A few months ago I made a goal to expand my community.  This doesn't just include the people in my actually community but to expand the people I have connections with in my life.  I feel that blogging is a way to expand my community and so I love it and choose to keep my blog public.  I am aware that though online relationships can be really beneficial I would like human interaction and for me the more the better.

I have been reading this blog by Brene Brown and reading her books.  Have you seen her TED talk.  You should.  I know it is 20 minutes but it really changed my life.  Please take the time.

Anyways, I also enrolled in her online class about Whole Hearted Living and Vulnerability.  It basically dives deeper into her research and how to live whole hearted and put her research and discoveries into action.
I love it.  I signed up so that it would help me through some hard things I am going through and it really has helped.
I have learned so much.

Today I listened to an audio about expanding your community.

There are some people that think that when someone is going through hard times you should act a certain way, be at a certain level of depression, close people out of your life and hide.  It is very rare that I act this way.  When I go through hard times my best defense is to get out in the sunshine and move and do.  It is a way to escape and put things into perspective and see them in the light.  Although it is impossible to fully escape problems until they have been dealt with it is not wrong to deal with your problems at only certain times of your day and not let everyone around you know what problems you have.
Work is a great escape for me.  I am able to leave my problems at the door and dive into my work and be busy.  When I leave I know my problems are waiting for me but I feel strengthened and revitalized to deal with them.

Now back to the community thing.  Often times people feel it is a sign of weakness to ask for help and especially as women we have to go, go , go and be perfect and have everything together.  I have learned that asking for help is a power move.  Perfection is impossible, did you know that?  That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to be good at things and do your best but when you try to achieve perfection you will ALWAYS fail.  ALWAYS!  Perfection is impossible!  In the blogging community we all get these small windows into each others lives but we all want to put our best foot forward and not share the imperfections.  So what?  We want this false sense of perfection so when people actually meet us they are disappointed and surprised and judgemental?

The best connections we have are those with people who know us as our vulnerable selves and love us.
So your friend that you trust to come in your messy house and you know she won't judge you is someone you have a real bond with.  The person that you call because you have just done something you feel is so stupid and you will get an empathetic ear is someone you really trust and feel connected to.

There usually cannot just be one person to fill this role.  I have different people I would call in different instances.  When I feel really stupid and ashamed I call my sister Natalie to tell her the story and laugh about it.  I know she will be empathetic and let me know it is not that bad.  When I am all stressed out about my health or vitamins or organic things I call Teresa because she has the know all on hormones, cycles, poo and the natural stuff that I love.  And when I want to talk about my deep personal problems there are a select few people I can count on to help me see things in a proper light and give me strength.

Here are some ways you can expand your community:
Be honest with people, let them see your vulnerabilities and be OK with it.  I.E.: let people see your messy house, who cares, every one's house gets messy, you are most likely not going to be on the next Buried Alive show.

Ask people when you need help.  People love to help others when given the opportunity but it is hard to make someone let you help them and it can be awkward to assume someone needs help. (Don't you love it when your mom calls and says she will take the kids for a day and you didn't even ask?  Well, only your mom will do that so ask people for help already!!!)

Be brave and invite someone out.  Spend some time with someone and you will actually get to know them and start a relationship.  You won't be able to build your community if you won't actually work at it and spend time with people.  Also accept invitations from people.  Yes, it is scary to go out with people you don't know but do it and enjoy yourself.  

Lastly, if we want to be accepted as we are with all of our vulnerabilities we need to be accepting of others.  Be aware when someone is going out on a limb and sharing their vulnerabilities with you.  Don't let them fall, it can be shaming and horrible.

P.S. Are you left wondering how you know if you have a true close connection with someone?  My theory is if you can talk about your poo then you are close and if you can fart around them and warn them to stay away from the fart vicinity you are close.  If you are around someone and you fart and it really stinks and you pretend it wasn't you then you are not that close with that person.

One thing that makes me feel vulnerable is bad pictures of myself.  I don't know why.  I am aware I don't actually look like that but whatever.  Who actually likes bad pictures of themselves?
So to connect with you all I am going to share a really bad picture that Eva took of me.
It is actually a bit freaky. Are my eyes actually that big?

The end.

The critics have arrived.

Although I knew it would eventually  happen 
I hoped that it would be a bit longer.
So hello to you critic.
Please try not to interpret things incorrectly.

I made my blog public because it is more fun that way 
so technically the critics are invited.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I shall call you squishy and you shall be mine.

Look at these sweet cheeks....

and eyes and nose and lips.

Scarlett is so chunky.  She is way chunkier than Eva was.  The best thing about her chunkiness is that she is really squishy and soft.  I love it.

Don't you just want to squish her???

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Actually BM Apprentice.

So apparently my button was not exactly correct. So the title "Button Maker" (BM) has been revoked from the National Button Makers Academy of Fine Arts (nBMafa) and I have been pushed back to the apprentice program until I can prove myself worthy of the title.

To prove myself worthy I must make you a button.  

Yes you, don't look behind you like you don't know I am speaking to you.  You should feel honored.
Send me your info to theshitsky@gmail.com, include a picture and the name of your blog and if there is a certain font you must have.  If you want to trust my artistic ability just send me the name of your blog and a certain theme.
Help me get my BM!

My button is fixed and should work.  Let me know if it does or doesn't.

Thanks goes to Mary.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Stuck, but OK with it.

I am stuck in San Clemente.
Some flight cancellations yesterday caused some serious problems for standbys.
Although I have lots of things at work to do since I can't control the flight situation I will enjoy wonderful, sunny California.


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