Friday, September 23, 2011

Love these girls and welcome to fall.

I am lucky that I get to spend so much time with these two.
I always have so much fun.
Today I thought about one of my favorite days.
Here are some pictures of it.

Seriously, I can't contain my laughter when I look at these pictures.
They make me so happy.
I also better mention that Michelle handmade her gloves.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Something I lover.

I lover California Baby.
I love the calming line and the smell of it.

This is my latest and greatest buy.
Bubbles in the bath and safe bubbles to boot!  What more could you want???
My kids love it and so do I.

Hot tip #1:  You have to tap, tap, tap the excess soap off the wand to get really good bubbles.  It is a lot thicker than regular bubbles.

Hot tip #2:  California baby is not just for babies.  It is great for those sensitive areas (wink).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The saga continues.

So Thursday I went to the eye doctor, got the herpes confirmed, got some more meds and some lame dark glasses.
My cute new glasses.

The free glasses were not dark enough so I had to double up.
Still not dark enough but enough that I could get home.

Friday morning was in a lot of pain and called to ask for some pain killers and was treated like an addict and told that if I was really in pain I should be seen again.  BUT I COULDN'T DRIVE!!!  It makes me mad that the addicts have ruined it for the people who actually need drugs.  Everyone is an addict until proven otherwise now.

Over the weekend I went to my mom's which was a big help and I was able to rest a lot.  Luckily while at my mom's I found out that my aunt has lots of pain pills and shared some with me.  I took one which basically knocked me out for 24 hours.  I forgot how sensitive I was to pain medication.  Luckily I was at my mom's where someone could help me with my kids.

Monday rolled around and absolutely no change to my eyes so I went back to the doctor since I couldn't do anything else.  Had to wait for 2 hours to see the doctor which I was fine with because I could sit there with my eyes closed undisturbed.  Had another specialist look at my eye and give me more drugs.  Another eye drop and an oral medication.  In just 15 hours I am doing 10 times better!  I am able to drive and able to work!  Phew.  I see a cornea specialist on Wednesday.  I hope I don't get any permanent scarring on my cornea but I will actually be surprised if I don't.  This has been so painful and persistent that I will be really surprised if there is no permanent damage.  Permanent damage will be a little fog cloud in my vision but let's hope it's not so bad.

So for the past week I have not been able to do anything when I got home but bathe and feed my kids so I have not unpacked a thing and I am living in a pig pen.  I am looking forward to some order in my home and hope my life will follow suit.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The going gets tougher and my kids are cute.

I have to see a specialist for my eye.  It is not getting better but getting worse.
I can't really function in any sort of light and I can't drive.
You know that saying "When it rains it pours."?
Well, that is my life right now.
I'm wondering when the bend will be.
Where is that darn bend so I can go around it and see the break in the clouds and a rainbow?
I fear it is weeks or even months away.

On a side note:
Eva talks in her sleep.  Last night she said "Cow poop Momma."  And I said back, "Just don't step in it." and she said, "OK".
I love that I can talk to her and she will talk back in her sleep.

Eva uses the word darn and I love it.  She will say, "That darn dog." or "That darn wall." or whatever she is darning.

Eva loves to sing and learn the words to songs.  I will have to try to post some.  It is so great.

Eva yells at the wind and hates her hair to blow.  She will point her finger at the wind and say,"No wind" or "Stop it wind" or of course "That darn wind Momma."

Scarlett is finally getting her bottom teeth but they are coming really slowly.  She is babbling and putting everything in her mouth that she possibly can.  She loves to eat regular food and has weened herself from nursing.  I am very sad about that by the way.  Only 9 months!

Scarlett literally has to be the happiest baby in the world.  The only time she really cries is when she is hungry or  wants to be snuggled.  She has the softest skin and is so squishy so snuggling her is absolutely no problem at all.  Feel free to stop by and snuggle her anytime.  I would love it.

Love to you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The icing on my cake.

To top off the wonderful events going on in my life I have an eye infection.
I wish it was just good old pink eye but it's  not.
It is good old herpes.
Yes, I have herpes in my eye.
I have sores on my cornea people!
I have no idea how I got it but the first time I got it was about 12 years ago and it reoccurs every now and again.  I think it is stress induced this time.
It is extremely painful and very sensitive to light.
Don't worry, I am on medication and closing my eyes a lot.

As an added bonus I must wear my glasses for 10 days and try not to wear makeup so as not to cross contaminate.  Yay!
Here is the only good picture I could get of me and my glasses.  
Basically I do not look good.
And my forehead looks gigantic! 
I think I will wash my hair tonight so I can wear it down tomorrow.

Feel free to make Harry Potter jokes but please know I have probably heard them already.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Teenie, weenie update.

I have moved into a little house.
It is a bit lonely and depressing.
What else could it be really.

I have a few seasons of Friends and I pick a random disc and pop it into the DVD player for background noise. It makes me smile and laugh, I love Friends.  One of my favorite episodes is the Thanksgiving with Brad Pitt.  I love the teenie weenie!

I make sure I have Mexican Coke in my fridge and I discovered brownie bites in the refrigerated section near the cookie dough.  I tell you they are very good.

I don't think I will be able to get cable or internet.  Goodbye to Project Runway.  Very sad.

Living out of boxes is stupid.

Oh my gosh are you depressed along with me or what!!???

Here are some good things:

Scarlett is crawling.  It started about 2 weeks ago.  She loves it and is getting fast.
Eva went to San Francisco with Clint and had a great time.  One night she missed me and I sang her to sleep over the phone.  (I had a hard time keeping it together so I could sing.)  I sang her The Little Mermaid song, the Sleeping Beauty song and the Snow White song.


Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have amazing family and friends who love me and help me.

Thank you!

All is well.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Story of my life.

Scary and hard and sad.

That is the story of my life lately.

There are some happy moments but mostly those things.

The worst is when I actually have time to look around and view where I am it is truly unbelievable.  I can't wrap my head around my whole situation.

I am where I am,
I stand where I stand.
My choices here got,
My choices I'm not.

It's late can you tell?

All I pray for is to grow and listen and learn everyday.  If I am progressing then I am OK.

I am OK.

I am OK.

I am OK.

Good luck.

Friday, September 9, 2011

I think I was tricked into becoming an adult.

Being an adult is way overrated.
I am trying to figure out when my bubble popped and I realized that I was tricked.  All adults make it seem so cool to be adults when you are little.  I think it is a conspiracy.

What I would give to be on Mocha Drive where I grew up playing outside when my only concern was trying to force down the Lima beans my mom would make me eat.

Oh the drama of those Lima beans.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have some big changes happening in my life.
I am scared and worried.
The changes are not fun.
I would love to just write it all out and get everything I feel out of my body but now is not the time plus my words tend to get me into trouble.
So for now I will just post pictures to tell my story rather than words.

Credit for photo

I am also stressed because with summer ending so did some babysitters I had to watch my girls while I worked.  Now I have to find new situations for my girls and it is hard and frustrating.  Today I wish I didn't have to work ever.

But seriously I am so grateful for my amazing, supportive job.  I am very lucky.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Goodbye to summer.

Summer is over, although we are still having hot days here the nights are cool and require a light jacket.
I love fall but I hate summer to end.

Here are some photos from one of my perfect summer days.
I love these girls.

I love the look on her face in this picture.  Perfect water slide face.  She is so excited for what is about to happen.

Home grown.

 I love having chickens.  I think they are so fun.  Not only do they have sweet personalities but they also give you an egg as a little surprise for you to eat.

I recommend everyone own chickens.  They are extremely low maintenance, they help out with the compost by digging and pooping in it and they are sort of pretty to look at.  I also really appreciate the bug control they provide.

The chicken asked for a fancy portrait so here's how it turned out.

I also had another yield.  I made an wonderful salad with all this stuff.

My mini vacation was great.  I checked off one of my life goals!

I saw three movies:  Bridesmaids, My Idiot Brother and Crazy, Stupid, Love

I liked them all.  My Idiot Brother is surprising and not at all what I thought it was.  Let it surprise  you too.

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