Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Actually BM Apprentice.

So apparently my button was not exactly correct. So the title "Button Maker" (BM) has been revoked from the National Button Makers Academy of Fine Arts (nBMafa) and I have been pushed back to the apprentice program until I can prove myself worthy of the title.

To prove myself worthy I must make you a button.  

Yes you, don't look behind you like you don't know I am speaking to you.  You should feel honored.
Send me your info to theshitsky@gmail.com, include a picture and the name of your blog and if there is a certain font you must have.  If you want to trust my artistic ability just send me the name of your blog and a certain theme.
Help me get my BM!

My button is fixed and should work.  Let me know if it does or doesn't.

Thanks goes to Mary.


sinika said...

I want a button for SPOL adventure, but I'm too lazy to send you the stuff right now... just know it's coming.

mushbelly said...

I don't know what picture I want for my button. Any ideas? You know the blog address.

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