Friday, September 2, 2011

Home grown.

 I love having chickens.  I think they are so fun.  Not only do they have sweet personalities but they also give you an egg as a little surprise for you to eat.

I recommend everyone own chickens.  They are extremely low maintenance, they help out with the compost by digging and pooping in it and they are sort of pretty to look at.  I also really appreciate the bug control they provide.

The chicken asked for a fancy portrait so here's how it turned out.

I also had another yield.  I made an wonderful salad with all this stuff.

My mini vacation was great.  I checked off one of my life goals!

I saw three movies:  Bridesmaids, My Idiot Brother and Crazy, Stupid, Love

I liked them all.  My Idiot Brother is surprising and not at all what I thought it was.  Let it surprise  you too.

1 comment:

sinika said...

Your harvest is so pretty. I'm jealous you saw all those movies... it seems like I go so far between seeing adult movies.

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