Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The saga continues.

So Thursday I went to the eye doctor, got the herpes confirmed, got some more meds and some lame dark glasses.
My cute new glasses.

The free glasses were not dark enough so I had to double up.
Still not dark enough but enough that I could get home.

Friday morning was in a lot of pain and called to ask for some pain killers and was treated like an addict and told that if I was really in pain I should be seen again.  BUT I COULDN'T DRIVE!!!  It makes me mad that the addicts have ruined it for the people who actually need drugs.  Everyone is an addict until proven otherwise now.

Over the weekend I went to my mom's which was a big help and I was able to rest a lot.  Luckily while at my mom's I found out that my aunt has lots of pain pills and shared some with me.  I took one which basically knocked me out for 24 hours.  I forgot how sensitive I was to pain medication.  Luckily I was at my mom's where someone could help me with my kids.

Monday rolled around and absolutely no change to my eyes so I went back to the doctor since I couldn't do anything else.  Had to wait for 2 hours to see the doctor which I was fine with because I could sit there with my eyes closed undisturbed.  Had another specialist look at my eye and give me more drugs.  Another eye drop and an oral medication.  In just 15 hours I am doing 10 times better!  I am able to drive and able to work!  Phew.  I see a cornea specialist on Wednesday.  I hope I don't get any permanent scarring on my cornea but I will actually be surprised if I don't.  This has been so painful and persistent that I will be really surprised if there is no permanent damage.  Permanent damage will be a little fog cloud in my vision but let's hope it's not so bad.

So for the past week I have not been able to do anything when I got home but bathe and feed my kids so I have not unpacked a thing and I am living in a pig pen.  I am looking forward to some order in my home and hope my life will follow suit.


sinika said...

I hope your eye is 100% soon.

Jenny said...

What a crazy ordeal. Hope you are feeling better soon!

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