Saturday, July 23, 2011

Part 1 of the long awaited Disney World photos. Seriously.

Cinderella's castle.

The gorgeous cake.  This was a really good wedding cake too.

Eva holds her hands like this when she is feeling a little shy.
I love it.

Scarlett was there but slept through most of it.  Here she is in her fancy dress.

The next few are Eva in her Cinderella dress.  I realize it is not perfect but it was a feat for me.
This is the second dress I have ever made so now you can try to be impressed.
This is the end of the night and it was really hot so her dress got wrinkly.
I brought a change of clothes for her because I knew it would be hot but she would not take it off.

The shadows are horrible in this picture but I love it.


Shayla D. said...

Thank you for allowing me to share your new blog! I really have missed seeing those adorable girls of yours. I appreciate your honesty and boldness, Tammy. Keep it coming!

- Shayla Anderson (Web's former secretary)

Regirlfriend said...

Let's sew some adult sized princess gowns and then wear them places together. Like, with all the book club girls. We can come up with roles, like, Michelle and you can do all the sewing and me and Teresa can sit and think up excuses to wear the dresses in public.

mushbelly said...

Great idea Kirsten! I'm in!!

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