Friday, July 22, 2011

Just a thought

I had a shower epiphany today.  Do you have those?
I have some of my best ideas/thoughts/realizations/remembrances while in the shower.

You know when someone says,"I'm just picky" or "I'm just pickier than you"?
Well it's rude.
It implies that they have higher standards then you do and you settled for whatever you are talking about.
I am trying to remember if I use this phrase a lot.
I don't know but I am going to try never again to.
It is the worst when single people tell you they aren't married because they are just picky.
Although they probably feel attacked because you have asked them why they aren't married which is rude in and of itself.
The end.

Post edit:  It is fine to say your kid is a picky eater.  Kids are picky without being rude...usually.


Regirlfriend said...

You're a genius. I should note that most of the things that irritate me, I've probably done in my life without knowing, or meaning it rudely. But this irritates me. Do you ever just want to respond with "Yeah. I'm just not picky. At all." My issue is when people go "I love you, but..." It is like putting your affection onto a display simply so that you can negate it.

B and Jessica said...

I love this post. My pet peeve is when people boast about shaving or waxing all their body hair because body hair is "gross". Duh. Most of us shave or wax or do whatever we feel needs to be done to make ourselves presentable. Bragging about it sends a message that they feel that they care more than most folks.

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