Monday, August 22, 2011

Grey colored glasses.

I have grey colored glasses on.  
It is not that enjoyable to see the world through grey colored glasses but I can't get them off.  I think they will be with me for a while.
What I am afraid of is the cynicism that comes with them and the lack of faith in...well everything.

I had a friend tell me that to be a good runner I have to learn how to love pain.  It is very true but I also think that it applies to life.
So here is a quote from me for all you people who put quotes on your blogs you can try this one:

"To be good at life, to be happy, to be joyful, to be content, you must learn to love pain."

p.s. Alicia, did I use that semicolon right or should I have just used a period?  I need to know for the millions of people who are going to use my quote.

post edit:  I took out the semi.


sweetheber said...

I'm sorry it's a grey day. When I'm having a grey day, my mantra is: "If I could only have some quiet time to myself to enjoy a pint of Haagan Daas Coffee Ice Cream completely undisturbed..." Maybe it's the natural ingredients, or the quiet, uninterrupted time, but it has magical properties & my mood improves as I savor each bite slowly. Try it & tell me your mood doesn't improve. (Dulce de Leche also does the trick)

Heather said...

Thanks for reading my blog today....and also commenting so that I could come visit yours. Um first I must say that this is probably the most real blog I have read. Maybe reading your blog will help me to be a bit more real and write about the difficult and not so fun times in life.........I have many, this week especially. Thanks for being so open. I just wanted to let you know that you have a new friend in blogger land! Hope your day is better tomorrow.

Alicia said...

Hey friend. Fist of all, I really should be a teacher again because I suck at "knowing" simple semi-colon rules without having to teach them. If it were me and I were cool enough to coin my own quote, I'd use an ellipses (...). I use them too often, but I like them all the same. If I remember right, a semi-colon should be used where you could put a period, but don't necessarily want to... so no, I don't think a semi-colon works best here. Still, I love the quote. I think it's beautifully put.

Second of all, I wish I looked that pretty while driving.

Alicia said...

I think a comma works, but you might want to set it apart more with an ellipses or dash. Although both are not really always "kosher" in grammar world, they do the job of writing like you speak.

Note: To anyone thinking I am a douche to write this, Tammy asked me (again) my opinion. :)

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