Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have a yield.

I parted my zucchini leaves the other day and found this beautiful surprise.
You can't tell from the picture but it is about 18 inches long.
I am looking for surprises in my garden everyday and the zucchini seemed to suddenly appear.
And those tomatoes are the lovers.
I ate them up and I loverd them.

Scarlett and Eva enjoyed the zucchini as well although Scarlett gave me the "What in the hell are you putting in my mouth?" face.  I will have to try to get a picture of that face.


Turbo said...

Great photo, Tammy!

Jenny said...

Amazing! First, the photo is lovely...but I'm even more in awe of your ability to produce food! And delicious, pretty food to boot. Enjoy!

sinika said...


Anelia's ONEWEIRDWORD said...

Just found your blog, after your comment on Mary's.

I fraking love it. You are certifiably awesome.

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