Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am grateful for my normal.

I posted a link to this blog the other day.  If you checked it out you may have found out that sweet little baby Ruby passed away.  If anyone who reads this lives near Rancho Santa Margarita or Lake Forest, CA you are invited to show your support for Ruby's family.
Ruby was born a few weeks after Scarlett in December.
A post that Ruby's mom wrote about just wanting a normal day really helped me.
The past two days I have just stayed at home with my girls and cleaned and watched movies and watered my plants.  Her post made me realize how wonderful normal days are.  Often times we are counting the days until some day in the future and we forget to enjoy each day that we have and each moment in each day.  I think something I will work on my whole life is to be present in every moment I live and be grateful for it.
These last couple days have been really nice.
Scarlett has been working on crawling and she is so close.  I think by next week she will have it down.
Eva loves to sing and can almost sing the whole Ariel song.  I will have to post it.

Apparently I have no pictures of my girls together because these were all I could find.  I will have to remedy that.

1 comment:

mushbelly said...

Those girls are so sweet and pretty.

I will also be working on the enjoying the moment thing for my whole life. I am bad at that. Its something I'm constantly trying to work on.

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