Thursday, August 25, 2011

I don't like hindsight.

This is me in my junior year of high school in my dress for the Sweethearts dance.
(My mom designed and made the dress.  It is red velvet and the white part is layers of lace.  
I loved it and still do.)

You know how when you think back to high school and with the amazing hindsight that you now have and you regret all the wasted time you spent on boys and trying to be cool and boys?

That's how I think it is going to be when we die.  We are going to look back on our lives and actually understand how short and precious our life was and realize how much time we wasted on so many silly, stupid things.

When I think about this future feeling it terrifies me because if feeling it now with all my stupidity and not knowing anything about what comes after this life or the purpose of life imagine how we will feel once we can understand what this life was all about and comprehend how we squandered our time with clothes, TV, trying to be cool, boys, etc.  Just the imagined feeling of regret makes me sick.

Hope that made sense to you.

Have a good day!  Try not to squander it!


Reagan said...

i was kind of thinking about that yesterday.

i have a client that tips me 60 dollars for a haircut every time she comes in. she's just a nurse, so she is not rich, but she is the kind of person who doesn't want anything for herself until every other person in the world is taken care of.

literally, world.

she does missions in ghana and cambodia where she goes with a team and they just perform surgeries all day long to people who need them. for free. they go for about a month or two at a time and work 12-15 hour days.

Reagan said...

i forgot to finish my comment.

i don't do anything like that. i donate my old clothes to big brother big sister, but it's mostly because i need the space in my closet. i donate a little money here or there to charities, but not a lot and i never donate my time.

instead, i waste time thinking about how skinny and hot i want to be.

Alicia said...

I know that feeling. Ugh.

You look exactly the same. (In the best way.)

Alicia said...

I just came across this and thought you might like it:

The first reason why a loving God would allow such pain is that it forces us to see our evil in its true light. “ Pain insists of being attended to,” writes Lewis. “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world. A bad man, happy, is a man without the least inkling that his actions do not ‘answer’, that they are not in accord with the laws of the universe” (The Problem of Pain, 91).

sinika said...

Wow- I've never thought about it in comparison with high school... But it's true.

I also think we're supposed to enjoy the journey too. I think it's great for everyone to have hobbies that really make them happy... If that means dressing cute or whatever, no matter how frivolous-- it's good to do those things every once in a while so we can get back to the things that do matter.

Because I'll be honest- I can't do mommy stuff 24/7 no matter how much I love being one.

Tammy said...

I totally agree with you. I didn't mean to imply that liking clothes or material things was a bad thing. I just know that sometimes I get caught up and put too much stock in them. Thanks!
It is amazing how much I enjoy buying and putting on makeup. Love it.

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