Friday, August 26, 2011

Scarlett is frustrated.

Scarlett is so frustrated lately with her position in life.
She is trying so hard to crawl and she is so close and she cries out in frustration when she just can't get it right.  
Plus it is a lot of work to try to crawl and she gets tired.

Scarlett also would rather eat food like the rest of us rather than drink her silly bottle or nurse.  
Everything just seems way more exciting then what Scarlett can do.

She wants to run around with her sister and 
play with her cousins and she hates being left out.
It is sad to see her little lower lip curl under 
when she gets her feelings hurt.

And I say, welcome to the club Scarlett, 
we are all frustrated with our position in life.  
Right now you want to be big 
but when you get big you will want to be little again.
You've got to enjoy what you have when you have it.

I am going to try to teach my girls this but 
I think this is something that is learned not taught.

Oh how I love this girl!
I love your position in life right now, Scarlett!
Don't get big!

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