Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The icing on my cake.

To top off the wonderful events going on in my life I have an eye infection.
I wish it was just good old pink eye but it's  not.
It is good old herpes.
Yes, I have herpes in my eye.
I have sores on my cornea people!
I have no idea how I got it but the first time I got it was about 12 years ago and it reoccurs every now and again.  I think it is stress induced this time.
It is extremely painful and very sensitive to light.
Don't worry, I am on medication and closing my eyes a lot.

As an added bonus I must wear my glasses for 10 days and try not to wear makeup so as not to cross contaminate.  Yay!
Here is the only good picture I could get of me and my glasses.  
Basically I do not look good.
And my forehead looks gigantic! 
I think I will wash my hair tonight so I can wear it down tomorrow.

Feel free to make Harry Potter jokes but please know I have probably heard them already.


Shayla said...

So sorry! You still look lovely and who has eyebrows that look that good? :

Hope your back to normal soon. Hang in there!

mushbelly said...

I used to get that too - except mine was called ulcers on my eye - but I bet our dr's just have different names for it cause it seems like just the same thing. It sucks. I hope yours heals fast.

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