Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Teenie, weenie update.

I have moved into a little house.
It is a bit lonely and depressing.
What else could it be really.

I have a few seasons of Friends and I pick a random disc and pop it into the DVD player for background noise. It makes me smile and laugh, I love Friends.  One of my favorite episodes is the Thanksgiving with Brad Pitt.  I love the teenie weenie!

I make sure I have Mexican Coke in my fridge and I discovered brownie bites in the refrigerated section near the cookie dough.  I tell you they are very good.

I don't think I will be able to get cable or internet.  Goodbye to Project Runway.  Very sad.

Living out of boxes is stupid.

Oh my gosh are you depressed along with me or what!!???

Here are some good things:

Scarlett is crawling.  It started about 2 weeks ago.  She loves it and is getting fast.
Eva went to San Francisco with Clint and had a great time.  One night she missed me and I sang her to sleep over the phone.  (I had a hard time keeping it together so I could sing.)  I sang her The Little Mermaid song, the Sleeping Beauty song and the Snow White song.



Alicia said...

Oh Tammy.
I love you.

B and Jessica said...

Good job holding it together. Even if you were losing it while you sang, I'm sure Eva wouldn't have even noticed. That's the great thing about children, they don't care how you sing it, they just want to hear you sing it. You're a good Mommy.

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