Saturday, September 10, 2011

Story of my life.

Scary and hard and sad.

That is the story of my life lately.

There are some happy moments but mostly those things.

The worst is when I actually have time to look around and view where I am it is truly unbelievable.  I can't wrap my head around my whole situation.

I am where I am,
I stand where I stand.
My choices here got,
My choices I'm not.

It's late can you tell?

All I pray for is to grow and listen and learn everyday.  If I am progressing then I am OK.

I am OK.

I am OK.

I am OK.

Good luck.


sinika said...

Tammy- Adam and I are both thinking of you. I hope everything works out and settles down, and I especially hope that you can be happy.

Natelli Johnston said...

you are amazing and strong Tammy.

sware said...

love you Tammy!

-sarah ellen

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