Friday, September 9, 2011

I think I was tricked into becoming an adult.

Being an adult is way overrated.
I am trying to figure out when my bubble popped and I realized that I was tricked.  All adults make it seem so cool to be adults when you are little.  I think it is a conspiracy.

What I would give to be on Mocha Drive where I grew up playing outside when my only concern was trying to force down the Lima beans my mom would make me eat.

Oh the drama of those Lima beans.

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mushbelly said...

There was plenty of drama surrounding me eating things too. Drama that made me cry and throw up and have anxiety attacks and get whipped with a belt. (Oh - that belt part sounds bad.) But I too would definitely like to go back and have dry roast beef be my biggest problem in life. (and I'd totally just eat it now and avoid the drama.)

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