Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At least I have my Frye boots.

Don't worry.
I know things will be OK because I am doing my best, I am progressing, I am praying and I am doing what I feel is right.

Plus today I am wearing my favorite boots.  This year my favorite thing about fall is that I can wear my favorite boots again.  I have to refrain from snuggling them at night.

They are just the classic Frye Harness boots.  I have wanted them for years and Clint bought them for me last Christmas.

I lover them.

Today I am wearing them with skinny jeans but they go with skirts and pants and swimsuits.  (I find any excuse to wear them unless it is too hot outside.)

Here is Frye's website if you want to lover them too.
But be careful, you will become addicted to Frye boots and want every style.


sinika said...

I'm excited for boot weather!

Shayla said...

I am so loving those boots!

Anonymous said...

Love them! They make a woman look beautiful and strong.

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