Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Today is the best day at my work.  Although this Halloween was less fun than some in the past it was still a pretty fun day.  We had some great chili and great desserts.
I dressed up as a hunter because I promised Teresa I would be a boy.  I wish she would give me permission to post her Elvis pictures from last year but alas, I can't.  Teresa thinks I should have been Russel Brandt because I look like him but I can't pull off the accent or I would.
So here I am.

 Michelle was Spiderman.  I love that this is a boys sized Large Husky.

This is a great nostril shot for you.
It was the end of the day so the beard was worn off.

So Happy Halloween!  I can't wait to take Eva trick-or-treating tonight!

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