Saturday, November 5, 2011

One of my good days.

I feel like it has been a while but it has only been a week and I am sick of looking at my horrid Halloween pictures too so here is a new post.
I actually have a lot of pictures to post of October but today I am just going to talk about today.  I liked today.
I have been having a craving for shrimp since I have been planning my company Christmas party.  All I have been able to think about the last couple days is boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce.
If you want some good shrimp, or seafood for that matter, in Utah you go to Market Street where they fly in fresh seafood daily.  The really great thing about Market Street is you can avoid paying $30 a plate and go to their deli so that's what I did.  I bought a pound of wild caught shrimp and gobbled them up.

I actually didn't finish the whole pound, don't worry.
...I washed it down with this.

Yes that is the Medio Litro.  It was wonderful.

While eating and drinking and being merry this was my perfect view:

She did not get a bite.

I also got my hair done today.  It has been six and a half months since I got my hair done.  It was needed badly and since I must do my own self portraits you get this fuzzy, horribly colored picture of my hair.

It actually looks good in real life.  It is nice and rich with some hints of light.  And of course I can't get my hair done without buying some new beach spray to try.  Paul Mitchell has some new beach spray.  I will let you know what I think.  I lover beach hair.  If you are on Pinterest I have some pretty beach hair pinned.

I finished up my day with a visit from a good friend and her kids and Eva ran around squealing with delight.  It was a good day and that I am thankful for.

Happy November!

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Turbo said...

The hair looks awesome.

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