Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas movie time!

I normally do not do anything Christmasy until Thanksgiving is over but this year is slightly different.
Did you know I do not have TV?
I have a TV I mean I don't have channels, cable, etc.
I only watch movies.
I have learned that my movie collection is lacking.

I have signed up for Netflix and decided since it is pretty much the week of Thanksgiving I can start watching Christmas movies to expand my list of movie choices.  Today I spent some time filling my Netflix que with Christmas movies.  I am looking forward to them.  Did you know I have never seen It's A Wonderful Life all the way through?  Actually I think I have only seen the end and that is all.  I know, tragic.

My favorite Christmas movie is The Muppet Christmas Carol so we have been watching it.  Have you seen it?  In my opinion Michael Caine is the best Scrooge ever.  It also has some great humor since it is the Muppet's and great original Christmas songs to add to your Christmas music playlist.  As a side note I am really excited for the new Muppet movie.  I love the Muppet's.

This is my recommendation for your next Christmas movie.

theatrical release poster

Last night I watched The Family Stone

I love this movie so much.
I am not a huge SJP fan but I love her in this movie.  She does a great job as well as all the other actors.  
Have you seen this?  That dinner scene!!!!!  I fast forwarded through it last night because it makes me so uncomfortable.  Seriously see this movie if you haven't.  This is how I always wanted my Christmases to be. I may have cried a little last night.

Tonight I have Love Actually waiting for me.  

Please let me know any of your Christmas movie recommendations.  And see my side bar of my upcoming Christmas movies.


sweetheber said...

I love The Family Stone! It's a "real" movie, not a perfect "I wish this was my family" fake-type movie. I love the scene where she makes her special family breakfast. I would have felt the same--I've been in her shoes. It's good she ended up laughing.

Shayla said...

I loved Family Stone!

Alicia said...

When I taught high school English, I made sure to teach "Christmas Carol"... As a little treat, I showed the movie version once we were done and the test was taken. I showed the Muppet version. It's so awesome. And, seriously, very true to the actual book. I think Dickens would approve.
Love it.

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