Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know Eva used to be a little baby?

 One of the first pictures of her.

First smile I captured.

With her favorite cousin Lucy.

At 2 years.

In 2 months she is going to be 3!
Not fair.


Nessa Dee said...

Sweet Eva!

In my shop, I have a listing that says 2 for $20. The shipping charges are listed and will be added in the purchase [I htink they're 3.75] Just leave me a message in the 'message to seller' box letting me know which prints you'd like. LMK if you have any more questions.

sinika said...

I can't believe she'll be three! She is so beautiful!

Natelli Johnston said...

oh she is so sweet!

sware said...

O Eva-kins:) You are so beautiful! I love you!!
--Aunt Sarah

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