Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Button maker.


Now before you get all,"This blog is totally not big enough to have a button" on me first please realize the accomplishment of someone who doesn't know that much about html codes and that I followed a tutorial and did it with no outside help other than the tutorial.
Seriously can you do it?
OK you probably can but I learned something new so I am sharing it.

Also I do realize that my blog has the word shit in it and that potentially could be offensive to some people so if you don't actually want to put my button on your blog that is fine but please let me know if you do because then I will put yours on my blog.  See how that works?  I AM trying to warrant a button plus you can refuse my button anonymously.

Want a button?  I will make you one because I totally know how to do it now or I could just tell you how.


Mary Pat said...

I totally want shit on my blog! I love the button.

mushbelly said...

I want a button!!

Regirlfriend said...

Me too! Go shit on MY BLOG!!! (can you tell by the influx of comments from me this morning, on every single one of your posts, that I am just now catching up? Somehow yours is the only blog in our group's that actually shows up at work, so I can actually read and comment. I realize my work is lucky to have me.)

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