Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My gardening project with photos for your enjoyment.

I garden.
I am a gardener.

Last year I attempted a garden.
It was an extremely pathetic attempt and I gave up half way through the summer and decided that since it was my first try I could fail at it.

This year I enlisted some help of a garden veteran and did much better.
My father-in-law helped me and even custom built me a drip system which is the best thing on earth and in my opinion is the only way to have a successful garden, mind you this is my only successful garden.

I love my garden and I even love weeding it.  It is like a little meditation space for me.

My garden has good energy.

So far I have not come across any grasshoppers.
I am deathly afraid of grasshoppers and I am not kidding.
I will have a hard time entering my garden if I know even one grasshopper is in there.

I took some pictures to show you and since they were a little boring I thought I would artify them a little and play around with my photo editing software for some fun and learning.

Here is my Ahmashzing (it's how you pronounce amazing when you have too much spit in your mouth) photography art:


The Lovers.  
I think this one is my favorite because it looks like they are whispering sweet nothings to each other and the leaf is keeping us from hearing them.

My carrots are struggling but I hear from my veteran carrots can grow through the winter if I cover them with leaves.  And I have plenty of leaves.

And here is how the naked eye sees my garden. 

My favorite thing so far is the lettuce.  I pick it and it grows right back.  I have had some great salads.  
I also love the cilantro but Eva thinks it is a weed but I always catch her picking it way too late.  The positive about it is when I snuggle her at night I smell cilantro.  Mmmmmmm.


Alicia said...

Jake is always picking my herbs as well. Hilarious.

sinika said...

Your lucky you have such a big space for a garden! I dream of a little space for growing things...This year I planted tomatoes and pumpkins all over my flowerbeds, but I'm out of room!!

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