Saturday, August 20, 2011

What I am trying to tell myself today.

What I am trying to tell myself today is:

Everyone has their own path and journey through this life.

Not everyone needs to learn what I am learning, have learned or will learn.

Not everyone will make the same mistakes as I will even if they make the same decisions.

Just because I think I know better doesn't mean I am actually better...or that I actually know better.

To comfort myself I should not think, "Ya, they'll learn and their world will come crashing down and then I will be able to tell them "Told ya" in my mind."

Today I went to a wedding and instead of enjoying myself I didn't enjoy myself.

1 comment:

mushbelly said...

Good Good post. I need to remember all of those. Especially the one about thinking I know better. I don't! I usually think that if someone does something a different way than I do it, its because they're stupid. I am such an asshole.

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